Ethics of Offshoring Novo Nordisk Essay

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To: Anders Dejgaard From: Jennifer Tsai Subject: Ethics of offshoring Date: 05/23/2011 Critical issued of the appropriateness of conducting clinical trials in emerging countries has arisen over years. Being a leading company in biopharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk faces the critiques of whether it is justice to offshoring their clinical trials in developing economies. With the consistency of ethical principles brought up by Novo Nordisk, the company would be able to move their trials into emerging economies with the best interest for stakeholders. I will also propose ideas to Mr, Dejgaard for possible approach to media as well as the practices that Novo Nordisk could have changed over time at the end. Conducting Clinical…show more content…
Firms definitely need to incorporate their highest moral standards to build trust and reputation for themselves in order to better off in long run. Novo Nordisk always follows the regulation from Helsinki Declaration with other international ethical guidelines. They made sure that the interest and well-being of the trial subject should always transcend over the interest of science, society and commerce. Decision Principles Even though I think conducting clinical trials in emerging economies is beneficial to the firm, Novo Nordisk should still follow below guidelines for this major decision to protect its own reputation and serve the best interest for every stakeholder: • Execute clinical trials when the internal organization is well established and external environment is proper regulated in emerging countries. • Conduct placebo clinical trials when they are scientifically and ethically justified. • Ensure the human rights of the participants in emerging countries associated with the predictable risks Responses to The Media I understand that Mr. Dejaard holds a high ethical stands, and is not interested in misleading the public or ethical dissembling in the response. It is also important to clear up the actions Novo Nordisk has taken for the past years and give public a clear picture of how the firm is operating. If a journalist is inviting for an interview, Mr. Dejaard should present himself
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