Ethics of Research With Human Participants

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Ethics of Research with Human Participants Author's Name Course Title Instructor's Name Date Table of Contents Abstract 3 Outline 4 Introduction 6 Main Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research 6 Freedom from Coercion 6 Informed Consent 7 Limited Deception 8 Adequate Debriefing 9 Confidentiality 10 Significance and Impact of Ethics of Research on my daily life 11 Role I would play as a King of the World to improve the fate of mankind and benefit the lives of people by using Ethics in research 12 References 14 Abstract This paper deciphers the growing importance of ethical issues that are associated with the research that involves human participation. It has brought to light the five basic ethical issues associated with research and the measures that need to be implemented to eradicate the problems that might emerge from these issues. It points out the facts that are unavoidable and might cause problem when freedom of coercion, informed consent, limited deception, adequate debriefing and confidentiality are not maintained. Outline Introduction Main Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research Freedom from Coercion All participants should be participating voluntarily and with full freedom & consent Participants have full freedom to withdraw without any loss or penalty Informed Consent Participants should know potential physical, mental or emotional risks if any Longer researches should renew consent after adequate time Limited Deception
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