Ethics on Pornography

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Türkay SARIKAYA 20701889 Section 02 Research paper 1ST draft ETHICS OF PORNOGRAPHY Everybody knows something about porn. But what is porn really? Why it is exist? People get pleasure from porn. Porn is just for an entertainment and it is like other genres of movies. It is just like action, just like horror… Porn is a genre and it has some sub-genres in it. In Turkish there is a word says; “nerede çokluk orada bokluk” means if there are so many things there must be bad things in it, like sub-genres of porn. They are exist just for more entertainment, more pleasure but mankind is not always pure. There are some bad men, there are some disgusting ideas and there are some barbarous behaviors. With that genres directors…show more content…
Lolicon pornography is hentai illustrations or animation featuring young female child-like characters. And shotacon is the gay version of lolicon. Sub-genres of body features are; Big Beautiful Women (BBW) pornography features overweight or obese women. Big-breast pornography, also called enormous tits, big-boob or big-bust pornography features women with large breasts. Some viewers prefer performers with breast implants; others prefer women who have naturally large breasts. Big cock porn featuring men with large penises. Big butt pornography features women with large buttocks. This genre eroticizes the buttocks and anus, and often overlaps with anal pornography. Hairy pornography involves conspicuous amounts of body and/or pubic hair. Hair fetishism, for example models with red, blond, or brunette hair. Additionally, hip-length hair, butt-length hair, thigh-length hair, knee-length hair or floor-length hair, may carry out hair jobs, toss their hair back and forth, perform with wet hair, etc. Leg and feet pornography has an extreme emphasis on women's legs and feet. Tiny tits pornography features women with very small breasts. These women are often portrayed as teenagers. Sub-genres of race are; Asian pornography features performers who are Asian / the Far East. Ebony or black pornography features performers who are black. European, pornography involving performers who are European. Indian, features performers who are Indian. Interracial pornography usually

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