Ethinicity: Should 22 People Be Organ Donation?

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Death is scary relaity that most people do not like to think about. The reality is that 22 people die everyday waiting for a transplant (transplants). One person has the power to impact multiple people. They have the option to save lives. At the age of 18, a person gets to decide on their own, as an adult, how they plan to impact the world. People should be organ donators because then they get to have the power of helping people have a better life and to provide second chances.

Second chances is not something that everyone gets the pleasure to have. Anyone can donate. No matter what ethinicity or medical history a person is or might have. 120,000 people are waiting on the transplant list (organdonor). Nobody really realizes the harsh reality of …show more content…

A doctor obligtion is to save their patient’s life.. They are not the doctor of the recipient of the organs. The doctor of the patient is chosen because of the need/speciality of the case (mayoclinic). Along with the disagreement of the treatment that a patient is given, there is the fear of being declared dead when they are actually not. Believe it or not patients that are in this situation are ran through mulitple and intensive exams and testing to ensure that a patient is rightfully delcared dead or not (mayoclinic). On top of all the testing and examinations organ donation is only brought up when a patient is declared dead (transplants).

The condition of one’s health is also an arguement brought up when approached with the topic of organ donation. Mayo clinic stated, “ Very few medical conditions automatically disqualify you from donating organs” (mayoclinic). Decisions about what organs are suggested or allowed to be donated is to be decided by a professional. Which means a person should not decide about donation before seeking a professional medical

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