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Considered one of the most important beverages in the world, the people of the world run on coffee. However, the process of coffee making from bean to brew, is tumultuous and a cause of mass hardships for the farmers and agricultural workers who grow, pick, and sort coffee. Coffee is grown in over fifty countries of the world, but it’s origins is in Ethiopia. For the past ten years, Ethiopia has been trying to raise the quality of life for its coffee farmers and workers, where it is a source of livelihood for somewhere around 15 million people. Most the people involved with coffee trade in Ethiopia get paid less than two dollars a day for their work and contribution while prices for arabica brewed coffee soar in Europe, America, and parts of Asia. In 2004, the government of Ethiopia began to register a trademark for Yirgacheffe, Harrar and Sidamo coffee. Now almost ten years later, there has been real progress to give coffee farmers and laborers in Ethiopia a fair cut of the profits from this billion dollar industry. In some reports, farmers in Yirgacheffe are now receiving around $4.00 per kilogram of coffee, almost double they were making before the trademark agreement. Coffee and its importance in Ethiopia cannot be understated. Not only is it the agricultural base of the country but it is source of national and cultural pride. The coffee beans grown in Ethiopia are known as Arabia, or mountain coffee, due to its prominence of growing wild in the hills and mountains of

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