Essay Ethiopia: Maternal Mortality and the Access to Care

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Access to Care in Ethiopia In many parts of the world that are considered lower or middle-class countries, health disparities are cause of major concern that leads to unnecessary disease and possible death. Many variables affect how and why many citizens of lower and middle-class countries struggle to obtain adequate healthcare. One region of the world classified as a lower socio economic territory is Ethiopia. Many factors contribute to the lack of health care in Ethiopia such as access to care, high cost of care, and being uneducated, to name a few. One idea that hinders many citizens in Ethiopia to attain healthcare is the access to the healthcare system. This research project will entail the issue of access to the health care…show more content…
One example is teaching citizens of Ethiopia the importance of good hygiene and the consequences of having poor nutrition status. Aims Of particular concern is women and maternal health in Ethiopia. According to the millennium goal developments, the fifth goal is to reduce maternal mortality rate by 75% by 2015. One reason that maternal health needs to be increased in Ethiopia is because of the large amount of women who die each year. According to Skolnik (2012), the highest maternal mortality ratios are in sub-Saharan Africa, where there are 940 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. This means that a woman in some countries of sub-Saharan countries of Africa such as Ethiopia face 250 times the risk of dying a maternal death as does a woman in the high-income countries. (Skolnik, 2012) There are many factors that come into play when looking at maternal health. Among the first are the nutritional status and general health status of the mothers, in addition there is a link between maternal death and the level of education and income of the mother (Skolnik, 2012, p. 191). In order to help reduce the high incidence of maternal mortality rate focus should be turned to wards identifying ways to improve the access to care for women who are pregnant. I believe this issue is the important to tackle because it can improve the prenatal care that women in Ethiopia receive resulting
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