Ethnic Conflict : The British And French

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Ethnic Conflict
The British and French had essentially lived by different systems of ethnic European power that still had competition between each other. Both of these systems had wider areas control yet they had completely different systems of ethnic stratification. Europeans had imposed territorial boundaries throughout Africa in 1885 that divided many groups. Colonies were built under a direct or indirect rule of countries colonizing the colonies. The levels of governments were controlled by the colonial masters in the direct rule as opposed to the indirect rule where governors and council advisors were appointed through colonial’s countries. If there were leaders who resisted the colonization, traditional leaders that were loyal to governors would be appointed leadership. Certain areas of Africa were divided up and given to different colonies. This broke up a lot of boundaries that were already in place and placing new boundaries on top of this forced groups to merge together regardless of their tribes. This created a lot of tension amongst the African groups that had different cultural beliefs, peace treaties and any other boundaries that were set. With these two systems in place. There became a centralization of territories having no central government or, where centralization already existed there was already domination of a pre-colonial central government.
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During the Colonial era Africa was seen to have the best land for European settlers or…

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