Ethnic Diversity And Cultural Factors

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Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Factors
Due to its violent history, Cambodia has a unique blend of ethnicities. The majority of the population is Khmer, with minorities such as Vietnamese, Cham, and Chinese, with Vietnamese being the largest. Many Khmer from south Vietnam, called Khmer Kraom, which includes young men who come as Buddhist monks. The Cham, who are predominantly Muslim, usually live in riverfront communities, and live off of fishing, small businesses, and livestock. The Chinese population generally have a better relation with the other cultures in Cambodia, with much more intermarriage between them and Khmer and Vietnamese. Other culture in Cambodia have historically clashed, with the Cham and Khmer having religious
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However, CEDAW has failed to protect women, due to Cambodia’s weak legal system. As a result, most women remain unprotected and vulnerable (Galabru, 2004).
Domestic violence is one of the greatest forms of violence against women in Cambodia. 17% of married women, ages 15-49, have reported their husbands physically and sexually abusing them. Even more shocking, one fourth of these women do not think they are abused, revealing Cambodian women’s lack of knowledge of basic human rights. Research shows that lack of education and alcohol increase women’s risk of be abused. Also, women who came of age during the Khmer Rouge period are subject to significantly higher rates of domestic abuse, relieving how violence in society affects violence at home. Cambodia’s traditional culture does not help women who are victims of domestic abuse. Violence and rape are considered an issue between the husband and wife that does not concern law officials. Children are also victims of abuse, due to traditional Asian households. Extended families tend to live together, so children can be abused not just by their parent, but also by an uncle, cousin, or grandparent. Because of this, civil rights organizations in Cambodia pressure the NA to widen the definition of “victims” to include others just as relatives, not just wives (Galabru, 2004).
Rape is also prevalent in Cambodia, yet like most crimes, it is under reported. Child
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