Ethnic Divide Between the Hutus and The Tutsis

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Before UNAMIR had been launched there was a lack of information surrounding Rwanda. In a precursor to the mission, Dallaire looked for intelligence regarding the small landlocked country in Africa, what he could find came from newspaper accounts, and scholarly articles. He learned of the social and political climate, which stemmed from an ethnic divide between the Hutus and Tutsis. This was the only information Dallaire along with Brent Beardsley had gathered, it was not until they met with Isoa Tikoka, a United Nations military observer who had been at the Arusha peace agreement negotiations, that they learned of his existence and could have used his help to gather more insightful and current information. Information regarding the state…show more content…
In the book, Dallaire voices his discontent with the United Nations, especially for the lack of action taken by the Security Council. The mission was commanded from an understaffed and under-funded headquarters in New York, the DPKO. There were concerns regarding the need for soldiers and United Nations personnel that could be used to help maintain peace throughout the mission. The troops that were enlisted for the mission were to assist in ensuring the security of the capital city of Kigali; monitor the ceasefire agreement, the establishment of an expanded demilitarized zone (DMZ), and demobilization procedures, and monitor the security situation during the final period of the transitional Government's mandate leading up to elections; and assist with mine-clearance. The mission would also provide security for the repatriation of Rwandese refugees and displaced persons by assisting in humanitarian assistance and relief operations. Initially, Dallaire requested 5,500 men for the mission however; he was only allocated approximately 2,600 to use. Many of the 2,600 were underqualified, coming for several developing nations who took directions from their own officers rather than Dallaire. No nation would readily contribute to a mission in a country where there were no strategic national or, international interests and no major threats to international peace and security. There were only 2,538 UNAMIR military personnel on the

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