Ethnic Identity Paper

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Stated in Ethnicity & Family Therapy (2005) the most important training for a counselor is to understand their own ethnic identity. As a counselor, if I am self-aware it will be less likely that I will become triggered by characteristics (beliefs, thoughts) that are different than my own. A multiethnic perspective allows me to understand values that are different than my own. I do not need to have others see or think as I do, or give up my own values in the process. “We learn about a culture not by learning the facts, but by changing our attitudes about cultural differences” (McGoldrick, et al, 2005).
Both of my parents descend from a long line of devout Catholics and as a result, religion played an important part in my life My sisters, and
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Early one morning, I was in line at the grocery store, standing behind a woman who had two small children in her cart. She must have had at least 50 jars of baby food. She was desperately looking for her coupons, during which time one of the boys was crying while another one was trying to climb out of the cart. I found myself becoming impatient and thinking to myself this poor woman is overwhelmed and outnumbered. Behind me stood a woman who was about 40-45 years old. Her cart was filled with liquor, and several boxes of tissues. She was disheveled and was wearing sunglasses despite that it was barely 9AM. I thought great I am standing between a woman who is so overwhelmed she cannot find her coupons and an alcoholic. It was not long before the women behind me was speaking to the women in front of me. The comment that remains forever in my memory is the women telling the young mother to enjoy her boys, to cherish each moment, to love and support them no matter what. I turned to look at the women behind me, she had tears running down her face, she looked at me and said very quietly, my son is coming home today. I started to reply when she began to sob. She told me my family is waiting for me at the house, and together we will meet my son. You see my son is only 18 and he was killed in Afghanistan, and today my son is coming back home. I remember taking her hand, and then hugging her as we stood in line. I will always remember this…show more content…
I think it is vital to be non-judgmental, open-minded, and respectful of others. It is having the ability and insight to open myself up to new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are different than my own. It is the ability to value others and their own experiences and journeys. There is much to learn from others and their experiences while maintaining my culture and sense of
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