Ethnic Interviews On The Southern United States Essay

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For this paper, two separate interviews were conducted with two retirees. One, M.Q., is a 66 year-old white woman who lives in a beach area. The other was JH, a 78 year-old African-American man who lives in a very rural area. Both interviews were conducted over the phone, as M.Q. is recuperating from a bilateral knee replacement and JH lives several states away. These two were chosen because they are complete opposites. While both currently live in the Southern United States, M.Q. was raised north of the Mason-Dixon line, while JH has lived south of the Mason-Dixon line his entire life. The only similarity they share is that they are retirees living on the East Coast. Because they are complete opposites, interviewing the two of them as opposed to a married couple, two sisters, or something of the like, I was able to get a more complete picture of what it means to be retired. This gave me more information, and a better idea of what I needed to look for in the articles I used.
Summary of Interview One
M.Q. said that she considered herself retired at 64. However, she began planning for her retirement almost thirty years prior, at the age of 38. As M.Q. was a registered nurse, she did not start a 401 K. Instead, she started a 401 B. One of M.Q.’s chief joys and complaints about retirement is all of her free time. She enjoys it because it lets her spend more time with her extended family, her husband, and her dogs. She dislikes it because she often finds herself

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