Ethnic Make-Up In Canad A Case Study

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3.1.1 The Ethnic Make-Up
Canada is largely diverse in ethnicity. In 2006, The Canadian census showed that there were approximately more than 200 ethnic origins (Statistics Canada, 2008). According to Index Mundi (2015), Canadians make up (32.2%) of the major ethnic groups, followed by English (19.8%), French (15.5%), Scottish (14.4%) and Irish (13.8%) and Germany (9.8%). According to Ontario Ministry of Finance (2010), Ontario, has the largest percentage of visible minorities. The ethnic group of South Asia make up (28.9%), while the ethnic group are Chinese (21%) and Black (17.3%). These three groups also figure as the main groups of visible minorities throughout Canada. Those three major visible minorities in Ontario counted 5,068,090 in
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