Ethnic Minorities and Elder Employment Essay

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An ethnic minority is a group of people who differ in race or color or in national, religious, or cultural origin from the dominant group—often the majority population—of the country in which they live. The different identity of an ethnic minority may be displayed in any number of ways, ranging from distinctive customs, lifestyles, language or accent, dress, and food preferences to particular attitudes, moral values, and economic or political beliefs espoused by members of the group. Characteristically the minority is recognized, but it is not necessarily accepted by the larger society in which its members live. The nature of the relationship of the ethnic minority to the larger society will tend to determine whether the minority group…show more content…
These facts, together with those already existing in-built barrels for elder job seekers, make the job seeking processions for minority elderly a painful experience. Moreover, minority elderly tend to be ignored to some extent by most already existing programs and organizations which provide assistance to senior employment. As a result, we are planning to initialize a new program targeted on the minority elderly who are trying to seek employment in our community in order to increase the life-quality of the minority elderly as well as the harmonious of our highly diversified community. Our community organization, XXX, which has long been devoting to the improvement of life quality for senior citizens, should take this fact into consideration. Therefore, here we propose the initialization of a program which is going to focus on the employment services for minority elderly in our community. Community Needs (Data and information used in deciding to implement the Program or service) According to the demographic information of Armour Square, this community has a highly diversified population which consists of more than half of Asian residents. Armour Square, Chicago Population Breakdown by Race Race Armour Square Chicago Illinois Caucasian 18.86% 42.05% 88.12% African American 17.42% 36.59% 6.64% Asian 58.98% 4.39% 1.59% American Indian 0.07% 0.33% 0.21% Naïve Hawaiian 0.19%
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