Ethnic Minorities and the Preservation of Culture in the U.S.

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In the current landscape of culture in the U.S.A. many ethnic minorities find it difficult to give up their native languages to speak the English language, because they feel that they are losing a part of their culture. However, what they should realize is that by accepting the English language into their lives they are not losing a part of their culture, they are gaining a new identity for themselves and their culture. The most common reason for ethnic minorities’ fear of giving up their languages is fear that they are losing a part of their heritage and identity. They feel that without their native language they are not able to maintain their identity as well as they could have had they not forsaken their heritage. Gloria Anzaldua, a …show more content…
The result would be seeing his chances for financial success plummet; would he be looked upon as a good man? Hardly. He would be looked upon as a selfish and greedy man who let his personal desires get in the way of his responsibility to look after his family. He would be no better than a gambler who had gambled his family’s money away. Also, it is obvious that ethnic minorities move to America in search of two things: liberty and success. Clearly the easiest way to have success is to learn and adapt to the nation’s culture, which is why it is so confusing to see ethnic minorities refuse to adapt to the American culture. In the essay “Aria”, author Richard Rodriguez writes about the sacrifices his parents made in order for him and his siblings to be able to speak English. The parents were ushered out of the comfort zone of their native Spanish language and into the unfamiliarity of the English language so that their children would be able to be successful in this country that had adopted them. The sacrifices that his parents made paid off; no one will be able to tell Rodriguez’s parents that they did the wrong thing, for Richard Rodriguez is successful as a writer of the English language. The obvious question that springs up from the statement, “refusal to give up culture hinders the success of ethnic minorities in America” is: What must an ethnic minority member do to be successful in America? To be successful in America, an
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