Ethnic Minority And The Military

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After watching the videos and reading the resources provided I feel that many ethnic minority populations serve in the military for many different reasons. While researching this topic, one particular minority population stood out to me, which is the Latino population. In the “I Am the Army: American 's New Military Caste (Latinos and the Caste System in the US Army)” it is discussed why the Latino population serves in the military, which according to the video is because it is instilled in the children very young to join the military through school visits, recruiting, and the appeal of the future opportunities.
According to Sanhez’ (2013), Latinos in the military join for three basic reasons, which include the lack of opportunities to pursue other careers since education is being priced out for many working class people, a tradition of military service in many families, and the appealing masculinity attached to serving. In a study done by Lutz’s 2008 “Who Joins the Military?: A Look at Race, Class, and Immigration Status”, those with lower family income are more likely to join the military than those with higher family income. In this study she found that a large percentage of Latinos who have served in the armed forces are children of immigrants, which is another reason military appeal to minorities. Some recruiters emphasize immigration benefits.
Preston (2014), discusses in her article that small number of young immigrants who grew up in the United States without…
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