Ethnic Mosaic In Canada

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The Canadian identity is an ever changing idea that has drastically changed generation to generation to finally develop as what is known today as the “ethnic mosaic”. Canada has evolved from being a predominantly Caucasian country to one containing this “ethnic mosaic”; a mix of ethnic groups, and cultures that coexist within society. Here, Canadians, especially immigrants are free to express themselves and their culture without the fear of discrimination and have many opportunities to widen their horizons since this country has developed in this positive manner over the years. Contrary to Shastri’s beliefs, I believe that the ethnic mosaic is true and that Canada is a land of opportunities.
Many immigrants decide to come to Canada in search of new beginnings without the fear of being
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Here, the quality of life is much better than the lives that many immigrants had in their home countries. For instance, Shastri doubts that her move to Canada will aid her son Sameer, however she remains hopeful that he will reap the benefits (152). It is easy to say that he will definitely do so since the Canadian education system is one to be noted. Here it is free until grade 12. Even after high school is completed, many students are able to attend university and complete their studies through various ways of governmental aid. In countries where education is not free, the studies of an individual who is economically tight, may be incapable of further continuing, unfortunately lowering their quality of life. I can relate to this since my mother came to this country when she was in grade 10, since her brother had told her parents that the education system is much better here than in England. By her coming here, she was able to achieve her dreams and is now working for the Ministry of Attorney General. This proves that Canada is a land of dreams where anything can be
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