Ethnic Nationalism Source Of Community Of Fear Essay

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Ethnic Nationalism Source of Community of Fear
Nationalism, according to the most widely accepted definitions of, is the doctrine that the state and the nation should be congruent. However, there is much more to add to the definition of nationalism today in connection to the ethnic and civil society. The definition of nationalism depends on its context. The typology of nationalism defines its strength and/or weakness of the relationship among the community in which it’s defined. While civil nationalism accepts people for who they are in the unique condition that they accept the country’s constitution, ethnic nationalism goes beyond and requires that the community should share a common culture which can be raced, ethnic group, language or religion. There are many explanations in resonating for why ethnic nationalism is an exclusive “National project” (according to Igatieff). Despite the urgency of this issue, Scholars have until recently not addressed the question of accommodation of communities regarding ethnic nationalism. This argument will contribute to this discussion, by looking at the link between conflicts and ethnic nationalism. The points presented in this argumentation will highlight the weaknesses of ethnic nationalism in modern states. The argument will articulate these weaknesses by first looking at the genealogical roots and the modernist origin of ethnic nationalism. Then it will sketch the relationship between mass media, narcissism, intolerance and the
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