Ethnic Notions : The 1987 Film Documentary

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Ethnic Notions Ethnic Notions : the 1987 film documentary by Marlon Riggs describes about the growth of African American cultural depictions through various caricatures and stereotypes which were used against African Americans.
Since past African Americans have been sufferings from discrimination and injustice. In Ethnic Notions this condition can be clearly seen and is supported by the popular American culture which has
American popular culture has always supported white and defamed the African Americans. With the help of caricatures and images problem of stereotypes has been expressed in Ethnic Notions. Through this movie it can be seen that American popular culture is easily accepted by the people without any hesitation and opposition and become ignorant about the suffering of the poor African Americans. It can be clearly said Americans are responsible for promoting the stereotype against African American by easily accepting them.
Ethnic notions describes about six major ethnic depictions .
• Sambo
• Mammy
• Zip coon
• The uncle
• The black Rambo
• Pickaninny

Pre civil war period Sambo was portrayed as docile and happy servant who wanted to serve and was even carefree. Sambo was simple ,irresponsible, obsessed with food , dance ,music and was not capable of living as an independent adult. Sambo is considered to be the first stereotypical deciptions.
After the civil war period Sambo developed into the overly
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