Ethnic Relations Essay

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Final Exam

     The question of race and discrimination has been around a long time, dating back to the slave age. So the fact that it is still an issue today is no surprise at all. In fact, you might be able to say that race and discrimination is still around today but has changed over time. Why is it important to understand the question of race and discrimination? It is important because helps you be a more well-rounded person. I have learned this and have become more aware of this because I am taking this class. I will be examining ten pieces of popular culture and show how it relates to what I have learned in this class.
     The first example I would like to use is the movie “8
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This relates to how cultures get recognized but the people don’t. Why is African American cultural a center of American life but African American people are marginal? How is that possible? It is possible because people will recognize the cultural of African American because it is something that they can learn yet have control over while whites don’t like the idea that someone else beside their own race will be the center of America because this makes them feel inferior. This shows how people get used for the culture but don’t get recognize themselves, another perfect example of that is the rap industry.
     The third example I would like to give is the movie “Men of honor”. It is a movie where a black boy has the dreams to become the first black navy master chief diver. The movie shows his struggles and how the current master chief diver who is white constantly putting him in situations to fail. I think that the movie represents how the blacks get repressed because of the image that was labeled on them from the beginning of time that they are only slaves and they don’t know how to think. I think that this movie reveals to the world that through the determination of few tough black people, the world can change in time. I think this relates to class on how if blacks don’t have power, money, or resources then they can’t get what they want
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