Ethnicity Creates Inequality in the Labor Market

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In my opinion, the various kind of ethnicity in London creates some inequality in labour market and health. The ethnicity is de1fined as a process of self-definition arising from inside a group. A way in which individuals define their personal identity and a type of social stratification that emerges when people form groups based on their real or perceived origins. (Dictionary of Human Geography, 5th Edition). Firstly, the inequality in minority ethnicity group labour market is one significant existing factor of London’s socially inequality. There were a large amount of migrant from Africa, Pakistan, India and south Asia from 1950s to 1970s. It might be a result of British colonisation in some Asian and African countries. It provides a convenience for those residents in the colony to come to England and worked. However, most of them didn’t accept higher education or some skill training; therefore they could only do the unskilled, manual and low-paid jobs which the local British residents no longer wanted to do. After few decades’ development, the working and living condition of minority ethnicity group is well developed and getting more optimistic, they gradually get higher paid jobs and the working environment is becoming better as well. For instance, many second-generation minorities from Indian, Ugandan Asian and Chinese backgrounds have done well at school, and have gone on into successful managerial and professional careers in pharmacy, accountancy, medicine, banking
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