Ethnicity Reflection Paper

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Reflection on My Ethnicity “Wow, you are from China! Do you practice Kongfu?” This was the very first question I was asked by a classmate from my MBA program when I first came to this country 18 years ago. I felt sorry that I had to let him down by answering no, but he ought to understand that not every Chinese was like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.
For the years living in the United States, I was asked all kinds of questions regarding my ethnicity and country of origin. “Does China have radio?”, “… China…How come your English is so good?!”, “…China…It must be very hard to live in your country, right?”. With good intention, they intended to generalize the major traits about an ethnicity and a country, based on limited personal knowledge and experience. For people who never travelled out of the country or even their own state, it might be hard to imagine an average family in China would not only have a radio, but color TV and VCR in 1999; nor to imagine that all students started learning English from 5th Grade all the way through college graduation. Back then, knowledge about China and Chinese was usually disseminated through outdated documentaries or Hollywood Kongfu movies. when people don’t seek to understand, knowledge of ethnicity is mostly myth.
China has progressed profoundly during the past 30 years, especially in terms of economic development and personal wealth accumulation. General perception toward China and Chinese has shifted gradually during the course. Ten
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