Ethnicity and Religion Quiz

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ETH 125: Quiz 4 *Ethnicity and Religion*

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The following materials are based on Schaefer’s Chapter 5: Ethnicity and Religion

1. The largest ancestral group of European Americans is a. French. b. Irish. c. German. d. Norwegian. 2. Which of the following groups has always been considered White by the English? a. Italians. b. Germans. c. Swedes. d. none of these

3. The principle of third-generation interest states that
a. the grandchildren of the original immigrants would have an
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Which of the following is an example of respectable bigotry? a. Pollock jokes. b. TV shows that depict Italians as members of organized crime. c. The stereotype that most Irish are alcoholics. d. all of these

14. The concept respectable bigotry refers to a. poor Whites’ hostility toward African Americans. b. African American and Puerto Rican hostility toward one another. c. prejudice against White ethnics. d. the government’s attitudes toward
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