Ethnicity and the Juvenile Justice System

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Unfortunately, this occurs at every level of the justice system. Not only does it occur in from initial contact with the police, it continues through incarceration. In many cases, young juvenile minority are being discriminated, they come from corrupted developing countries with high levels of crime, and the majority of white youths are from wealthy families.
Most young juveniles are constantly being discriminated due to their ethnic background. The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution has been construed to translate that discrimination based on traits such as race are a violation of due process (cite). According to, “the NCCD finds that black youth are more likely than white youth to be formally charged and sentenced to out-of-home placement for the same offense”( 50 percent of drug cases involve white youth results in formal processing. More than 75 percent of drugs cases involve many African American youth result in formal processing. Many of the studies show that black youth are given more restrictive dispositions than white youth, even when they have committed the same offence and have the same prior record (
Most of the minority juvenile offenders are more likely to be transferred to adult court than white offenders even though the same crime was committed. This increases the…
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