Ethnics-Business Statistics Intergration

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Ethics / Business Statistics Integration Paper
Zhiqin Quayle
Grand Canyon University: SYM - 506
June 24th, 2013

Introduction The assigned readings “A Christian View of the Foundations of Statistics” and “Reflection Before Action” both talked about ethical issues Christian and non-Christian statisticians face these days. Before I get into the details of how these two articles affect me, I would like to first summarize some common ethical issues statistical consultants are facing these days. In order to understand ethical issues in the statistical world, we need to understand 1) What is the typical ethical issues; 2) Why ethical issues are important to discuss and 3) How shall we avoid them. The purpose of reading is for us
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Which ethical guidelines from the articles is most applicable to you and why? Right conduct consists of pursuing “the good”, which may be defined as those moral goals and objectives which we choose to pursue and serve to define who we are. (Corley, Reed, Shedd and Morehead, 1999) When I read this sentence from the article “Reflection Before Action”, it all became clear why we have ethical applications and discussions at the end of every chapter for our “Business Statistics” course. Understanding statistics in a business world could help me to build a skill which would be beneficial for my career advancement. But without pursuing “the good”, having the knowledge of statistics or being good at interpreting a set of data would only mean so much because making right decisions is more important than forming decisions. How does this article affect your personal decision-making as related to statistics and ethics? A lot of times by being a non-professional, I have unwavering faith in a lot of the public statistical numbers. I have always been amazed by how precisely statisticians can tell stories from bunch lifeless numbers. Statisticians, like most scientists, use accurate calculations, formulas and methodologies to make objective conclusions. But we try to forget that statisticians are also human beings, who make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, who face pressures and

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