Ethnocentric, Geocentric and Polycentric Essays

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There are several different attitudes that a company may display and could become apparent when deciding to market internationally. The three primary models of international marketing that address the marketing mix include ethnocentric, geocentric and polycentric. Each have unique characteristics that could make or break a company. Ethnocentric is a term that is “sometimes associated with attitudes of national arrogance or assumptions of national superiority.” (Warren & Keegan, 2008, Pg;19) The overall feeling of operations, of an ethnocentrism company is that one means of manufacturing and marketing is enough. Ethnocentric companies assume that products and practices that succeed in the home country will ultimately be successful…show more content…
The challenge that is facing marketers today is that we must evolve our companies beyond these two practices, and grow forward towards a geocentric approach. A company with geocentric ideology views the “entire world as a potential market and strives to develop integrated global strategies.” (keegan & green, (2008) pg;22) Geocentric companies plan to service world markets from a single country. Also global companies tend to remain mainly associated with a particular head quarters country. A major objective that a geocentric companies wish to achieve is transnational. Transnational companies do two things, serve global markets and utilize global supply chains. By achieving transnational endeavors a company’s image can become blended into national identity, or they become “stateless”. Geocentric companies can become perfectly integrated into the global culture. The concept of geocentric is to meld together ethnocentrism and polycentrism to create a “world view.” Geocentric concepts see the similarities and the differences not just one or the other. Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of geocentric ideas and this is a good sign, globalization would be ideal for many companies, however it is a long transition and it can take time to prove successful. Weather a company markets a product or a service can definitely affect which marketing
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