Essay on Ethnocentricity and Non-Aboriginal Australians

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History has shown that Non-Aboriginal Australia most defiantly was ethnocentric in regards to Aboriginal people. Looking at the obviously poor and unjust treatment of Aboriginal people early in the countries history and whether or not attitudes and policies have really changed. There have been changes in public opinion and in political opinion with the acceptance and the welfare of aboriginal people over the past one hundred years but has there been enough change to say that there is no longer any ethnocentrism. There is little said about aboriginal people in early Australian history books. What we do know is that the view of Non-Aboriginal people was very ethnocentric. The opinion was that Aboriginal was that they were savages and…show more content…
It was the belief of the time that this full blood Aboriginal population would eventually die out. In 1937 the Commonwealth-State Native Welfare Conference was held and the agreement that was reached was “this conference believes that the destiny of the natives of aboriginal origin, but not of the full blood, lies in their ultimate absorption by the people of the Commonwealth, and it therefore recommends that all efforts be directed to that end” (Arrufat 1930).By the 1950s these children began to be placed with white families to be servants or sent to work as under paid labour. It is unknown how many Aboriginal people where taken form their families but today there are thousands of people with out a family history because most of these children now known as the stolen generation never sore their families again. Even siblings where separated, usually for life. It was an ethnocentric view of Non-Aboriginal Australians to think that these children would be better off growing up without their Aboriginal Families. On May 1967 the Australian people voted in a referendum that would mean that Aboriginal people would be counted the same way as Non-Aboriginal people. This referendum was to remove two clauses from the constitution that that were said to discriminate against Aboriginal people. It basically meant that Aboriginals would now be

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