Ethnocentrism Examples

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What is ethnocentrism, and in today’s world is ethnocentrism still in existence; if so why. So, what is ethnocentrism, it’s simply making judgment as to one’s race or culture as to their beliefs, values, and customs to which they believe in; or what constitutes their lifestyles. In other words, believing that own race is superior over their own and thinking their better than anyone else; or above the rest (as to race); while judging their existence as to how we portray them. However, this belief has stemmed for centuries, and is nothing we have seen or already been a custom too; for it hasn’t showed much change over the past several decades. Therefore, meaning that “ethnocentrism is such a robust phenomenon that is was recognized as a …show more content…

While this has gone on for many years, and continues today no one should every have to be labeled by another, or judged by any means; this is known as ethnocentric (a natural response to other culture that aren’t alike our own). One example, my husband is Pacific Islander from Guam; however, when we go place people look at him and automatically labeling him as Hispanic or Asian because of his skin tone and his dialogue. Another example of ethnocentrism, “if we go to a store and ask for a green coat and the sales clerk gives us a blue one, we would think the person was color blind at the best or stupid at the worst” (Barger 2016, pg. 1). That maybe the clerk cannot distinguish the differences as to “color;” just like race we naturally label them as to their color by putting them in a group to which best resembles themselves.

However, ethnocentrism is not among every type of tribe, but it does demonstrate itself among other social groups; like in our own communities through that of diversity; damaging one’s own practices (known as prejudice). For instance, when were refer to those individuals of black descent in a reification sense, we put them into a classification, (or group) based on their creed to which they belong; by symbolization to which we conduct through the entities of social order and reformation. Just like with Asian Americans, we assume they are different because their beliefs aren’t a custom to what

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