Ethnocentrism, Economic Independence, And The Religious Independence

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Throughout the class we have cover many different topic but they all come back to the American. I will be talking to you about the ethnocentrism, economic independence, and the religious independence. Before I start telling you about how they affect today 's world I will tell you some characteristic and a little about them.
Generosity is a characteristic that we have in today 's world. Generosity is the quality of being kind understanding, and unselfishness, being generous having willingness to give money others when needed most. Faith is also one of the major characteristic and the world today. Faith is strong belief or trust, the belief in God, it is also a system of religious beliefs, and is a duty. Ethnocentrism from what I have learned ethnocentrism is believing that there is superiority in on ethnic group over another, this was derived from racial and religious stand points. With that being said ethnocentric people believes that they are better than others for reason based on their heritage.
I will now talk to you about my main characteristics which are Freedom, economic independence, and religious independence. I will talk about how about how they were in the 1700’s and how they affect today’s society.
First I will be talking about freedom, what it is and how it was in the 1700’s and how it influence today’s society. Before I will define freedom. Freedom is the state of being free. Freedom is emancipation from slavery or restriction and from power of another person.…
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