Ethnocentrism: Major Effect on Organizational Behavior

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Ethnocentrism: Major Effects on Organizational Behavior

This research paper defines the term ethnocentrism as a means to make assumptions or judgments about other cultures from one’s own point of view. This paper details the various problems that an ethnocentric view presents when dealing with different cultures. The effects of cultural diversity on organizational behavior are complex and powerful. This paper will also explain that a diverse workforce, which represents a changing world and marketplace, is important to organizations in the creation of competitive environment and an enhancement of work productivity. Increasingly, more and more large corporations are implementing diversity training programs to educate employees
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In Sharma, Shimp, and Shin (1995), Shimp argued that “ethnocentrism is said to be a manifestation of authoritarianism, and that authoritarianism is a personality defect, based on pervasive and rigid in – group – out – group distinction; it involves stereotyped negative imagery, and hostile attitudes regarding out – group’s, stereotyped positive imagery and submissive attitudes regarding in – groups, and a hierarchical, authoritarian view of group interaction in which in – groups are rightly dominant, out – groups are subordinate.” In related research, Taylor and Jaggi (1974) introduced a phenomenon called ethnocentric attributional bias. According to Taylor and Jaggi (1974), ethnocentric construct internal attributions for a positive behavior of in – group members while making external attributions for their negative behavior. For example, if in – group members perform well on some task, the attribution is that they possess the essential ingredients to accomplish such a task (e.g., “they’re smart,” “they’re hard workers,” etc.). Yet, if in – group members perform marginally on some task, the fault lies elsewhere (e.g., “trick questions,” “bad call by the umpire,” etc.). On the contrary, external attributions are made for the
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