Ethnocentrism in Today's Church

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Ethnocentrism is the act of seeing one’s ethnic tribe better compared to those of the others. This stereotype has with time crept into the religious foundation irrepressibly. Currently, the church is experiencing a wave of ethnocentrism which if not curbed will see a religious waiver. Overall researches locally and internationally prove that ethnocentrism is an ant to the timber-pillar supporting the church; with time it will eat into it and cause a major downfall.

Manifestation and Effects of Ethnocentrism
Of foremost challenge is that ethnocentrism brings about division within the ellipsis of church organizations. The latter is propelled by the fact that ethnic
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Indirectly, this vice makes the Christians fail to be the light of the world as God requires of us, consequently making us sinners. Due to division of church members and split ups over the recent past caused by ethnocentrism, there has been an impulsive opening of many churches. The split ups have brought about many mysterious religious denominations that have distorted and biased the gospel truth. The distortion of the gospel is what has instigated mushrooming of many cult churches that teach contrary to the word of God. Ethnocentrism has therefore instigated the existence of false teachings most of which are bound to transform their members into ardent devil flocks.
As it is the responsibility of the church to oversee events even those that are outside the clerical premises running successfully, it’s of late failing. Henceforth, ethnocentrism of such nature keeps lagging the nation from completing the political metamorphosis it started since independence.
The Pauline epistles dwell much on the issue of ethnocentrism in the church, since the vice was present in the early church. In 1st Corinthians chapter 1 - 4, Paul talks about church divisions and says that they are a mark of spiritual immaturity. Thus Christians should not be at daggers drawn with each other but be in harmony and in unity as one body of Christ. Paul goes on to condemn the Christians act of

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