Ethnocentrism in the Movie "Avatar"

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ESSAY COVER SHEET AN1001 Anthropology Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective Study Period 52, 2013, Singapore Anthropologist at home in the field (Photo by J. Weiner 2003) Subject Coordinator: Dr Anita Lundberg STUDENT’S LAST NAME: TAN FIRST NAME (Preferred name): BERWIN ASSESSMENT TASK: Analysis of the film ‘Avatar’ QUESTION: How is ethnocentrism depicted in the film Avatar? Discuss with reference to the notions of primitivism, romanticism and exoticism. TITLE: Ethnocentrism in Anthropological perspective - Avatar WORD COUNT: 681 TUTORIAL DAY & TIME: Wednesday 1.00pm – 2.50pm Ethnocentrism in Anthropological perspective - Avatar Using highly advanced technology to replicate and to creating false bodies which humans use to…show more content…
(1991). Defining the Primitive/ Reimagining Modernity. Gone Primitive: Savage Intellects, Modern Lives. (p.8). Chicago, USA: The University of Chicago Press. 20th Century Fox (2009). Pandorapedia: The Official Guide to Pandora. Retrieved July 10, 2013, from

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