Ethnographic Interview on Sports in American Culture

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Andrew is a third year chemical engineering student at the University of Louisville. He grew up in Hodgenville, KY. Which is a small town just south east of Elizabethtown. He lives in an apartment with one other student also attending the University of Louisville and myself. This apartment is where the interview took place.
The topic that I chose for this ethnographic interview was sports in American culture. Sports are popular in America, and are a big part of the culture in America. I would say most people in America have played sports, whether they played as kids, in high school, at the collegiate level, or even professional. A great deal of people also enjoy watching sporting events. The following were the questions asked during the interview. How have sports affected your life? Why do you think sports are so popular in America’s culture? How are sports a part of the culture in America? What do you think about the amount of money spent on spectator sports?
I started off the interview by asking how sports have affected his life. Sports are an important part of most American’s lives, including Andrews. Andrew is a big sports fan and played soccer on his high school team. “Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Starting from when my dad first taught me how to throw, kick and hit a ball.” “It was a way for me to bond with my family and friends as I was growing up.” From this interview I learned that athletics/sports were a way
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