Ethnographic Observation

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Ethnographic Observation I chose to do my Ethnographic Observation at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. I chose this location because I thought it would be the best place to observe different behavior and cultures. It is also close to my home, and I had never had a chance to explore it. The Hare Krishna temple is a very interesting location to observe. The grounds are very large, and the temple itself is beautiful. There is a sort of corral next to the temple that houses a few different types of animals, mainly llamas. These animals are considered holy to the Hindus. There is also a large gazebo where they hold festivals outside during the summer time. The temple itself is by far the most striking…show more content…
The first was the general manner of the people in the temple. They all seemed to be very calm and quiet. None of them were boisterous or outgoing in any way. This was true even of the people I observed even after they had left the Lotus Room, where quiet and calm is required. They all seemed to enjoy the peaceful setting of the entire temple. The other theme I noticed was that many of the people there didn’t seem to believe (or even seem very interested) in the actual teachings of the Krishna religion. It may have been a simple coincidence with the few people that I was able to talk to, but it seemed that many of them were just there because they enjoyed the beautiful setting and were curious about the temple itself. One couple that I talked to was in the same category as me. They lived near the temple, and drove past it often, but never actually stopped to take a look inside. I left about an hour later, glad that I had finally gotten to explore a place that I had grown up seeing and wondering about. While I was there I learned about many of the classes and services that they offer, and I am hoping to be able to go back and enjoy learning more about this fascinating
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