Ethnographic Research On Human Behavior

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Introduction Creswell (2007) describes ethnography as a “qualitative design in which the researcher describes and interprets the shared and learned patterns of values” (p. 68). Ethnographic research provides a study on individuals in their own environment. Throughout the research, researchers attempt to answer questions in regards to human behavior. According to Schwartzman (1993), “Ethnography is used for research involving cultural sharing, and is linked to the use of anthropology as a way to view modern organization” (p. 3). The researchers examine individuals from the inside in order to gain a better understanding of their actions. One of the keywords in ethnographic research is culture. Culture is the focal point of ethnographic research. As stated by Van Maanen (Merriam, 2002), “the result of ethnographic inquiry is cultural description” (p, 237). This involves the researcher conducting extensive time to the research. According to Merriam (2002), methods of Ethnographic research include interviews, observations, and archival research. Through these methods, researchers are able to gather information on the shared activities and patterns of individuals (Creswell, 2007). Several procedures are necessary in order to conduct ethnographic research. The problem must be stated, a phenomenon of interest to study, gaining access, collecting data, phenomenological data analysis, gathering themes, and compiling the research information (Creswell, 2007). Ethnography in
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