Ethnographic Research On Sugar Daddy / Baby Dynamics

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Ethnographic Research on Sugar Daddy/Baby Dynamics In this modern technological era, almost everything in our lives is specified and available at our fingertips. This can be done on our computers, on our smartphones, and even our cars now. Technological advances allow us to navigate the world, use new devices, and even widen our dating pool by meeting new people in easier ways, such as online. This interesting twist on online dating has peaked my interest on how it works and why. However, with all the different apps and specifications that is involved in online dating, I have decided to focus on the socialization and dating dynamics of “Sugar Daddy/ Baby” relationships. I plan to focus on how, why, and where this specific dating pool is located and operates, as well as understanding the phenomenon surrounding this dating practice. To start off, a sugar daddy is a male who has a very high income and is looking to spend lavish expenses on a typically young, beautiful, and fun sugar baby. In turn, a sugar baby is a typically young (age 18-30), pretty, and fun female who is looking to be “spoiled” by a rich, typically older (age 35+) man. While there are sugar mommas, male sugar babies, and homosexual sugar baby/daddy couples, my focus is just on the male sugar daddy/ female sugar baby dynamic. As I mentioned before, the digital age has allowed online dating to blossom, and this is also true for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The main website that people use is

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