Ethnography : A World Of A Collegiate Level Student Athlete

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When one wishes to gain an insider understanding of a culture from a hands-on perspective they more than normally should be recommended to conduct a form of field-work known as ethnography. According to Merriam-Webster ethnography is a study of a human culture or subculture. Ethnography is a participant observer type methodology where one does not only gain information about a culture but also gains an unambiguous paradigm through which the anthropologist can see. The ethnographer is able to interview the people of the culture along with play vital roles in the rituals and other ways of their everyday life. At first many ethnographers were doing field work in undeveloped countries such as Asia, Africa, and South America. Today however, they are moving towards the post-industrialized cultures and subcultures. I decided to conduct ethnography about the life of a collegiate level student-athlete. It is an American culture where high school graduate gains free admission to a college education in turn for service in a particular sport. These sports include baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, tennis, track and field and golf. I decided to study the life of a student-athlete who participates in the football program. During my participation of collegiate leveled sports and education I have been awarded the opportunity to delve deep into the facets of acquiring and maintaining a free postsecondary education, engaging in a highly competitive athletic lifestyle, while managing the

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