Ethnography And Discourse Analysis

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shaped our current understanding of economic competition in Sub-Saharan Africa. Generally, I would be separated from my cases and would not be an active participant.
Throughout my research process this semester, the most challenging part has been changing my research question for different research designs, and writing a literature review. The hardest things about changing my research question was framing it into a discourse analysis or ethnography. I struggled with the interpretivist method because I did not have a defined social group to study. Basically, my research question did not fit into the interpretivist method. Overall, the challenging part was fitting my question into research designs that did not interest me, such as ethnography and discourse analysis.
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All the journal that I am currently using are economic journals. I just want to diversify the angles in my research and discuss at least one more lens specifically a social construct (e.g. gender). My other concern is that I might not be performing statistical analysis in class because I will be taking Game Theory in International Relations, which focuses more on the strategic interaction among firms, countries, and nongovernmental agencies through the use of mathematical model. Essentially, I am concerned that my research method would not fit my SISU-306 next semester. That being said, I hope to enjoy the research process next semester and face the challenges of Advanced IR
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