Ethnography And Its Difference From Other Research Methods

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Ethnography is a complex process it 's not just simply viewing children in their environment.Ethnography allow research to examine children in ways other research cannot because ethnography allows the researcher to see and be a part of a children 's peer culture.Ethnography involves prolonged fieldwork where researchers study a group to understand their mundane practices of life. the observation allows them to see "their physical and institutional settings, their daily routines,their beliefs and values,their linguistic and other semiotic system that mediates all these contexts and activities."(Corsaro 2014 p) In this paper I will provide understanding on ethnography and its difference from other research methods. I will describe the…show more content…
This is a holistic approach or as corsaro explains it as “thick description”(Geertz) which is a view that research actively participate so they can get a view of children that is ingrained and is closely linked to children 's views rather than a bird 's eye view which is a adults perspective of what they see. A good example of this is in corsaro’s work where he through observation found that children are protective of their play routine and they don 't allow peers to enter the play routine this is a thin description because this is the adults view , however Corsaro argued through holistic ethnography that children don 't reject peers into play spaces but they are aware that their play spaces can be disrupted and so they are protective of sustaining play routine the children did however, allow children who observed and understood the rules of play routine to engage in it. The two views described shows the views children have and what children are doing in this situation compared to the view adults hold Flexible and self correction this allows research to change their views due to inquiry. Through the three features of ethnography it 's evident that other research methods don 't allow the same approach as ethnography. Ethnography is different from other research methods for the reasons explained above thus it is desirable for studying children however it does have some challenges that make research think twice before engaging with ethnography. Challenges of

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