Ethnography : Culture And The Members Of A Cultural Group

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Ethnography Introduction Ethnography tells about a culture and the members that comprise this culture. A definition is the scientific description of the customs and individual people of a culture. The process of doing this assignment allowed me to explore another aspect of a cultural group. I was able to learn extensively about interactions between individuals and how see them as a culture. The group that comprises my ethnography is a cultural group very common to Utah. The culture I focused on was the LDS culture, to be more specific I studied a sub-culture of this group. My subculture was a group of 12 year old adolescents that are a Sunday school class in this culture. First we must have an understanding of the background of the…show more content…
The lessons all come from a manual and focus on the LDS doctrine just simplified for 12 year olds to understand more fully. I chose this particular cultural group because I have always wanted to study and look more deeply into the LDS culture and I enjoy seeing how teenagers work and grow. This gave me the opportunity to accomplish both, study the culture and an age group of interest. I expected that everyday would be pretty similar with this class and I was totally wrong in that aspect. I also felt a bit overwhelmed with the class members because I haven’t been in a room full of wild teenagers for a while and it was a little crazy to say the least. The biggest shock was the change of calm to crazy in the matter of seconds between the members, I have gotten used to being around well behaved adults and it was a different world in that class room. How the class ran every Sunday depended greatly on the members of this group and their behavior for that day and other factors associated among them. Behavior/Background This class is made up of 8-12 students, all depending on how many show up. The class roster has a total of 12 but the average class size is 8-9 students. Of these students 90% are male. This means that one a normal day there are 7 or 8 boys and only 1 girl. On occasion there is another female but more males to maintain that 90% male dominance. The group is a male dominant group,
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