Ethnography In Germany

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In the prior era, there are many variety of specific ethnic groups to whom were directly classified or marginalized based on their culture or religion and also how they differentiate from other people. For instance, the time in the Civil War, when the slavery began that the white people are believed to be superior to the African and entitled to be their slaves. From the people who were marginalized meaning that they’re socially inferior, interpreting that they’re the dominant discourse. By being the dominant discourse, the people went to other countries and experienced their culture by making scientific observation and also to write down on vital information to make representations of the individuals, which referred as ethnography. For an example, a person who happens…show more content…
Moments later, their economy were even a deeper depression than before, and Germany is at a bitter crisis. Out of the citizens of Germany, one individual named Adolf Hitler stood in front of Germany with a fiery passion, directly informs them that the only solution for Germany were out of the brink of the natural depression is by imperialism, where other countries tends to extend their authority or capture countries, and also to exterminate all the Jews in the world. Adolf Hitler proves himself a very charismatic individual who passionately inspires the hearts of Germany by creating army known as the Nazis to fully execute their operations; however, the prime matter of their situation is thus first by removing the Treaty of Versailles, which greatly infuriates them since the very beginning. In order to remove the treaty, the Germans have to show disobedience towards the League of Nations by violating their strict agreement terms under the Treaty of Versailles. By enforcing the full extent of their military
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