Ethnography, The Recording And Analysis Of A Culture Or Society

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Introduction: According to Simon Coleman and Bob Simpson, “Ethnography is the recording and analysis of a culture or society, usually based on participant-observation and resulting in a written account of a people, place or institution”. Ethnographies are in-depth studies of a culture which is unfamiliar from one’s own. One of the best places to observe and perceive human behavior is a coffee house. A coffee shop will involve multiple cultures and various behavior patterns to study. Richie’s Place Coffee Shop is located in Jamaica, Queens, right next to the 169Street subway. The location of the shop makes it very efficient and time saving for people. People just get off of the train and grab a coffee and go to their destination or they…show more content…
Most people with family came and they stayed while other people like students came and left with their drinks. People who leaves with their beverages usually jumps into the line, grab what they want and leave. People who stays back, they would come look around maybe looking to see where they can sit and then went to the line to order. There are others who come and have a sit while waiting for their friend or family and once they arrive they would go and order. Those who are in rush would take case or card beforehand so that they wouldn’t have to wait. While standing in the line, most of the people would text, call or listen to music without having any interaction with others. People neither see or hear what’s going on around them. Most adults came and ordered coffee either with very little milk and sugar or no milk and sugar. One women came in wearing a scrub and ordered a coffee without sugar or milk and the worker generally asked her if she always drinks black coffee and she answered not always, but when she is working because coffee gives her strength and energy in a long day. On the other hand, students would come and order sandwich and a coffee or grab a soda with sandwich. Also, a woman came in with two kids and ordered coffee for her and sandwich with soda for her kids. A man came in wearing suit and he had a bag with
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