Ethnology. The Story Of Colonized People Has A Similar

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Ethnology The story of colonized people has a similar tone in many parts of the world, but the situation with the colonization of Australia is very similar to the story of the colonization of North America by the Europeans. Both of these cases share similar issues and outcomes. First off, both groups are typically generalized as one group - in this case, the Aborigines and the Native Americans. However, these groups are made up of many smaller clans or tribes that each had a unique language and culture. Additionally, they both lived in a variety of different areas throughout their respective continents, and thus it is hard to generalize them. Both the Aborigines and the Native American were very negatively impacted by European…show more content…
Many of them live in high rate of poverty, similar to other indigenous groups around the world. As of 2013, the disposable income of an indigenous person in Australia is about 70% of that of a non-indigenous person. This can be contributed to the fact that non-indigenous people have much better access to education, especially at the university level, and also to racial discrimination. Their lower income means that they often live in very poor conditions - according to an article published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, their conditions can often be deemed ‘fifth world’. Many of Aboriginal people in Central Australia are living in ‘humpies’, which are huts often constructed from tree bark and branches, or shelters made from old car bodies. Alan Hudson, a former government business manager, says that there was little improvement to the living conditions from the 1970s to today.
Another problem that many Aboriginal people face is overcrowding of houses. In the Aboriginal community on Palm Island, the average number of people to one house is seventeen, and about 27% of the population of Aboriginals live in overcrowded houses. The more remote the Aboriginal community is, the more likely they are to suffer from poor living conditions. In 2006, the UN declared that Australia had the worst Indigenous housing conditions in world.
The conditions which these people live in leads them to higher

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