Ethos Greek Analysis

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The Undefined and Unknown Rational View of the Word “Ethos”

The year is 2015 and every state is trying to define borderless border as the world is becoming smaller due to positive and negative progress in the different habits of society, markets, technologies, economies, and politics. Advances concerns the international relation realms body is this new era of the “age of globalization” as the world becomes flatter, actively horizontal, with their inter-state policies aimed in the global-economics more than ever constitutes the inverse role from individual to state opposite to the presumed assumption of state-individual structure relation. However, divisions are still harshly marked within groups made up by the same individuals composing
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In order to understand such global view of causes and effects is necessary to look into the controversial meaning of the the word ‘ethos’ by Elizabeth Toking as she interprets its significance rooted form an early Greek definition in Homer as; “large undifferentiated groups of either animals or warrior, not from known familiar sites”. Fast-forwarding, Toking’s concept applies to our present times as it represents the categorization for…show more content…
Human Nature is a process that by which we try to apply laws to have a domain over uncertainties only because we do not understand how to properly come out with a more logical resolutions. I believe that humans are part of nature and we are to set are laws in accordance to naturals laws. ‘Ethos’ is not the definition for a unfamiliar group in society but a unfamiliar species in nature where we all play parts of it and is or our better interest to do what is best in a common goal, and to stop to try to define ethnicity as the color of the light, as light is just an electromagnetic spectrum conformed by all colors through one medium,
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