Ethos In Advertising

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Advertisements are very successful and can have a big impact on the culture of people and the way people live their lives. For example, one of the biggest advertisements changed one big important do a lot of people end up doing, marriage. Around 1956, and so on, the De Beers diamond corporation advertised the engagement ring, as a sign of love and togetherness. This went on for so long, that people have started to believe in this and it was adopted to people's idea of marriage. In these days, you can rarely see anyone getting married without a diamond ring, and even if they don’t have one, they plan on getting one once they gain enough money.
Most guys have the unspoken role that for engagement rings, that they have to be at least “two months salary,” which was, once again, imbedded into human culture because of the De Beers corporation. This is an example of how advertisements can be very successful. De Beers uses pathos in their advertisements to get attach to persons hearts. Pathos is an obvious choice because they have spent years advertising that diamonds have become a symbol of love. Love is the most powerful emotion people have, and the De Beers have used that
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A second technique is, bandwagon because they keep saying that everyone else who's getting married are using their diamond rings and if you dont, its not a real wedding or proposal. Lastly, the third technique the De Beers corporation is using the opposite of bandwagon, snob appeal. Snob appeal is when the advertisement is appealing to the audience that if people buy their product, than they will be better than everyone else, and the way De Beers using Snob appeal is by having people try buying engagement rings bigger and better than the people they know because the bigger the diamond “the more it shows your love,” and how much you spent on
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