Ethos In Fast Food Nation

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The modern fast food industry has undeniably transformed and helped define the American way of life, but not all in positive ways. The industry capitalizes on the exploitation of workers, consumers, and the environment, and Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation addresses these very issues of the fast food industry. Schlosser criticizes these fast food corporations, projecting his argument to all consumers of fast food. Eric Schlosser’s primary goal is to reveal the deplorable business practices utilized by the fast food industry, and he uses the three appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos all as tools to help persuade the reader and strengthen his argument. Schlosser uses appeals to ethos in order to convince readers of his credibility and authenticity, cementing his criticisms against the fast food industry as valid and deserving of attention. Throughout his introduction, Schlosser often writes in the first person, proclaiming that “I am concerned about [fast food’s] impact on the nation’s children”(9), and describing why “I chose Colorado Springs as a focal point for this book”(7). Schlosser thus explains himself to the reader, not only justifying his actions but more importantly using a more open and intimate tone to establish his persona of someone who sincerely cares for his nation and his cause. Schlosser also makes sure to mention that he visits all the settings he writes about in person. In one instance, he writes of the conditions he witnesses “during [his] trips
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