Ethos, Missions Aims And Values

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ethos, missions aims and values are the underpinning principles by which the school operates with regards to pupils,achievement,outside community links and strategies such as anti bullying and peer support. The ethos consists of values and beliefs that contribute to the character of the school itself and the atmosphere experienced by all those who go there. The overall intention of the school is the mission it may be short easily recalled phrase or a single word. it usually overlaps with the vision or aims of the school. Aims of the school may be short statements like instilling a thirst for lifelong learning in children or giving pupils the confidence to take up opportunities when they are offered. the values of a school represent the moral code that links it with its local community and informs expected behaviors and attitudes of pupils the children are valued by the school its staff and by each other should be seen very clearly in the way that the learning and development culture is celebrated by the school from posters and displays. Children should be encouraged to learn together and to collaborate with each other and with staff members so that their learning becomes positive and effective way. Atmosphere at a school is often based around the attitudes of those who go there staff and pupils. it should be clear to all visitors that the school respects and values diversity and equal opportunities and that these things are part of the commitment of the school to a
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