Ethos, Pathos, And Logos

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We the people live in a world filled with ominous and perplexing events that make us question if the world we live in is actually as transparent as we perceive it. In the documentary, Ethos: Time to Unslave Humanity, we get an interpretation of America’s political, economical, and social being and how everything is less concrete than openly known. Extremely far from stone cold facts, there are still ideas and arguments that are being made throughout that attempt to achieve aspects of ethos, pathos, and logos. Throughout the entire documentary, there is a clear and concise motive that the author/creators of the film are trying to make the viewer believe. There is a notion that attempts to challenge the American system in which we live in…show more content…
As a whole, I think that the creators of the film had a good grasp on what they wanted to portray to the audience since everything was rather simple to follow along and understand where the creator was coming from. Coinciding with the purpose of the film, the tone of the documentary in its entirety is overly critical in its delivery. At the time stamp of 21:10, it shows a perfect example of the tone of criticality on the governmental and economic systems. Harrelson speaks of a scenario where there is a group of businessmen who are powerful enough to have access to the white house. This in itself is directly pegging at what is actually happening in the White House and how much influence big business actually has on the government. Already knowing this beforehand didn 't surprise me but seeing individuals being interviewed and describing their experience on the matter does bring off a rather frightening reality. However, being this critical in a documentary like this is obvious and is something that needs to be done to get their point across. But, what comes with being overly critical is personal bias. Sometimes throughout the documentary, we get glimpses on the creator 's personal opinions that kind of distract from the facts and points of the film which create a detour into a rant rather than an analysis. In regards to tone, the creators were generous enough to constantly criticize the political and economic system

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