Ethos, Pathos, Logos, And Rhetorical Devices

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Have you ever had felt like your fingers are weak? Well Finger Flexors can help with that. Finger Flexors are used by many musicians around the world. They help strengthen finger muscles so that musicians are able to play or learn their instruments with ease. New musicians’ fingers get exhausted from playing their instruments for a length of time. Our company has produced Finger Flexors to improve the endurance of your fingers in order to play long pieces of music with ease. All ages of musicians can use Finger Flexors to improve their performance levels. Our company uses ethos, pathos, logos, and rhetorical devices to make sure learning musicians believe that they will be 100 percent confident with our product. In our commercial we used ethos, pathos, logos, and rhetorical devices to convince our audience that our product will provide them with improvement in their musical performances. Ethos is used to show credibility in our company. By creating a logo with vibrant colors and a convincing font, we convince viewers of our credibility. This is also done through association with famous musicians. Finger Flexors are sponsored by Jeffrey Langman, and Mackenzie Bartels. The commercial shows them playing music, and includes a demonstration of our product by these famous musicians. Our company uses pathos to appeal to a learning musician. Learning an instrument is hard and can be painful. Finger Flexors have a way to fix this problem. This convinces viewers because they want

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