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The aim of this assignment is to explore and show an understanding of the ethos of self care whilst highlighting the ways in which the current health service is being re-orientated to incorporate this concept within patient care practices. Definitions of self care will be reviewed and some of the similarities and differences between definitions considered. Current health and social care policies that influence self care will be discussed with a view to how these policies advocate change within the health care system. The implications that these policies impose upon the way which patients are cared for and managed within the health care system will also be discussed here.
When reviewing relevant literature and policy, it has become
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Importantly, none of the definitions reviewed take in to account the fact that patients need to feel empowered about their condition and their ability to manage the barriers that they may face when living with a long term condition and self managing this.
To clearly define self care we need to look at not only the individual but also the support mechanisms available to enable them to carry out self care. The Scottish Government (2008: 12), highlight that although we speak about self care it is also important to have knowledge and understanding of the concept of self management; further highlighting that both terms are closely interlinked together. However, whilst self care focuses predominantly on the individual making decisions about their care and carrying this out, self management encompasses a holistic view of the individual focussing on empowerment and enabling the individual to take responsibility of their life and their condition, enabling them to manage their symptoms in both periods of remission and exacerbation. Richard and Shea (2011: 257) however challenge the idea of self management and self care being discussed together as they suggest that the term self management should be applied separately as it is more focussed on long term conditions and systems which have been put into place by the healthcare system to allow the management of the condition, whereas self care

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