Ethosomal Gels Lab Report

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The pH of all ethosomal gels was found between 6.0 and 7.0 (Table 3) that lie in the normal pH range of skin, 4.0-6.8 and hence the preparations will be irritation free [24]. The pH of all the ethosomal gels was more or less equal to the skin pH, making the formulations suitable for application on skin aiding in systemic action. % Drug content of all the formulations was determined and was found to have a range of 98-100% when UV-Spectrophotometer is used. This shows that drug was dispersed homogenously throughout the gels. The drug content for F13 formulation was found to be higher because of the optimum ethanol concentration. The Viscosity is optimum for 1.5% carbopol concentration since it has good flow and consistency unlike the 1% and the 2%, these both have either less or more viscosity compared to the optimum 1.5% carbopol. Viscosity of the optimized gel was found to have a range of 754-1350cp. Among which 1.5% concentration of carbopol gave good results of 1290±7cp. Determination of viscosity of gel matrix, is important as it assists in evaluating the penetration across the skin by controlling the release of the drug into the receptor medium. The same trend was observed by Lin et al., (2014) on the viscosity of apigenin ethosomes formulation [25].
The stability studies were conducted for the optimized formulation by keeping it in a stability chamber (Thermo lab, India-standard) for 9 weeks to
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The zeta potential was determined and it was found to be -39.7 mV which indicates good physical stability. Stability studies carried out for a period of 9 weeks showed negligible changes in the characteristics of ethosomes and further the loss of drug is not more than 4 %. Hence it is concluded that a successful ethosomal formulation can be formulated for finasteride. Further this can be exploited commercially into a suitable drug
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